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Physiological Psych Unit 1

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4034

Chapter 1Origins of Behavioral Neuroscience The Nature of Behavioral Neuroscience oOne thing that is fundamental to biological psychology is that we can better understand conceptual ideas when we use physical constructs to understand them oPsychological subjects are explained best with physical materialistic processes oThis approach replaces animistic notion causal process is a nonphysical and spiritual thingPoints of view that still include this approach is philosophy and theology oProduct of more scientific view Loss of authority of church RenaissanceEmergence of scientific revolutionGalileo Newton etc began to explain and understand universe with science and math The MindBody ProblemoDiscussion of importance of physical and nonphysical aspects of humans o2 major views Dualism mind and body are separate but interacting Cannot completely understand humankind simply with either mental or physical processes Monism mind is a property of a physical nervous system Mind is a physical thing Materialistic monist View of modern psychology for the most part Another types of monism is that the only reality is mental oThe only thing I can really know is my subjective reality and everything else is hypothetical Biological roots of behavioral neuroscience thoRene Descartes 17 centuryImportant philosopher mathematician and figure in psychology Given credit for notion of dualism One of the first to suggest a link between mind and brain We have separate mental and physical properties He viewed the human body as a machinemechanical device whose behavior was controlled by environmental stimuli Observed that some movements of the body were automatic He also pioneered conceptions of reflexes something that doesnt involve thought and is produced as a direct result of a stimulusIt is a purely physical process Explanation of control of muscles Ventricles are hollow chambers in brain and he believed it contained substance lighter than air called animal spirits Trying to explain body with physical constructs Pineal gland He said that the interaction between mind and body takes place in the pineal body a small organ situated on top of the brain stemHe said that pineal gland controls how mind is transformed into bodily actionWhen mind decided to perform an action its tilts the pineal body in a particular direction causing pressurized fluid to flow from the brain into the appropriate set of nerves thoLuigi Galvani 17 centuryAnimal electricity Founds that electrical stimulation of a frogs nerve caused contraction of the muscle to which it was attached Helped show human body is using this type of energy He did it by using electrodes He was correctthoJohannes Muller 19 centuryFounder of physiologynot that he invented it He was an advocate for the application of experimental techniques on physiology A lot of his research dealt with the physical control of sensationsensory physiology Doctrine of specific nerve energies Mullers conclusion that because all nerve fibers carry the same type of message sensory information must be specified by the particular nerve fibers that are active How is it possible to differentiate all these different sensations He said his ability to break sensations down is from systems sending info to a specific place in the brain or from a message coded differently He concluded with the second view but the first was correctwe differentiate because of the point by point connections Still animistic Still believed essence of life is spiritual Localization of FunctionoNotion that discrete brain regions control discrete behaviors oFor years it was thought that different memories were stored in different places falsethoFranz Gall 19 century
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