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January 23 For PSYC 4034

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4034

January 23 2014Video on youtubeSevered Corpus Callosum httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvlfGwsAdS9DcChapter 2 structure and Function of Cells of the Nervous SystemCytologyProtoplasm Water 7085If you were to remove all of the water in a persons body they would go from 100 lbs to 1 lb Because of its fluid nature water allows structures in a cell to disperse evenly to create a homogeneous spread Water is needed for most of the reactions that take place in a functioning cell Electrolytes 1when electrolytes dissolve they split into charged particles Electrolytes facilitate many of the chemical reactions that occur in a cell In regards to neurons the electrolytes are what allow them to create signals to communicate with other neurons Ions Cationsor AnionsProtein 1020Has several functions It helps to construct the cell They are the substances that act as enzymes that catalyze various chemical reactionsProteins are substances that cells manufacture for release Proteins determine what kind of reactions take place Lipid 23 Triglyceride PhospholipidOne of the primary ingredients that makes up all of the membranes that encase cells CholesterolCarbohydrate 1Neurons need carbohydrates but they do not have to store it because it is available in the extracellular space in the form of GlucoseGlucoseGlycogenneeds to be reconverted into Glucose in ordered to be used as fuel CytologyOrganelles
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