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January 21 2014Chapter 1 IntroFoundations of Physiological PsychologyoThe MindBody ProblemDiscussion about when you talk about mental lifeWhat is it How can we understand itTo what extent are the mindbrain relatedThink about mind without any consideration to physical process OR try to understand subjective mental states by understanding how the brain works2 Major Views1 Dualism Mindbody are separate but interacting2 Monism Mind is a property of a physical nervous systemoPsychological subjects are explained best with physical materialistic conceptsoReplaced Animistic NotionsAnimism is believing in certain spiritual forces that have a causative effect Forces at work independent of sciencePhilosophyTheologyProduct of loss of authority of the church Renaissance and the emergence of the scientific revolution Truth was being based on observable factthRene Descartes 17 CenturyoDualismoBelieved humans are physical but were more defined by a spiritual mentalityoPopularized interactionism your body can affect your mental lifevice versaIf mind is separate how does it interact with the body1 Brain ventricles hollow chambers containing cerebral spinal fluid He said theyre not filled with fluid or gas but something lighterAnimal Spirits So light they can move instantaneously The spirits flow through nerves into muscles causing them to move2 Talked about the reflex of animal spirit being at the heart of humananimal movement3 Pineal Gland when we engage in something the mindbody are interacting but the mind isnt responsible for movement The mind uses the Pineal Gland to communicate to the body causing it to movethLuigi Galvani 18 CenturyoInterested in notion of movementoFrog experiment Put metal hook in nervous system of a frog Put frog on plategrounded it then put electricity into it and found that electricity made the muscle contract This new foce is capable of making the body reactoAnimal Electricity Nervous systemthJohannes Muller 19 CenturyoFounder of physiologyoTheorized about a t of psychologyPhysiology of our sensory systems when we have a sensation its a subjective inner experienceoSpecific Nerve EnergiesWhats the physical reason we have different sensory systems
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