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February 4 For PSYC 4034

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4034

February 4 2014 Neurotransmitterused by neuron Neurotransmitter is manufactured in cell body stored in terminal buttons and is released when electrical signal reaches it Another way neurons are classified is by the neurotransmitter they release Effect of neurotransmitter excitatory vs inhibitory Connections Sensory afferent receptor Designed to act alone and to change one form of energy into electric energy transduction All receptors have ability to change one form of energy to another Afferent means towards something The destination point is the CNS Motor efferent effector Carrying signals from CNS out toward the bodyThey can result in a response Because of directional flow they are sometimes called efferent away from somewherecarrying it out to peripheral nervous system 2 types of reactions effector typesCause muscle to twitch or contract Change secretion of a gland Interneurons All of the neurons that exist between afferent and efferentActing as decision making neurons because they balance amount of excitatory signals they are receiving against the amount of inhibitory signalsGlia
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