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Topic 9 Notes (aced the test and got 96%)

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Topic 9 Sedative HypnoticsAlcoholEpidemiology14 million Americans have problems with alcohol directly 7 million are alcoholics 10 of the drinkers drink 50 of the alcoholo 5070of all homicides involve alcoholo2535of all suicideso25 of all hospitalizations Sedative hypnotics drugs that inhibit neuronsall acting on GABA neuronsRelax and make you go to sleepOpiates also inhibit neurons but a different setOct 2010 Alcoholism Clin Exp Res Increase in the proportion of drinkers in Whites Blacks and Hispanics and both gendersCDC data from 2009 on binge drinking More common among white men 1834 yrs making more than 75000 yearProblems in women increasingAUD only 2x more in women than men used to be 5xIncrease in fatal car crashes in young women involving alcohol AUDalcohol use disorderWomen are catching upWhat is alcohol1Low potency drug 2Drinking alcoholethanol ethyl alcohol Law Any beverage in liquid form that contains not less than 05 ethanol by volume and is intended for human consumption a95 ethanol5 waterabsolutebOther alcohols isopropyl are toxiceg methyl or wood alcohol metabolized to formic acid and formaldehydevomiting blindness coma deathWhen you drink alcohol youre only drinking gramsThree major types of drinking alcohol1Beer36 alcohol Microbrews may have up to 9 First recorded brewery Egypt around 3700 BC2Wine12 fortified to 20 with distilled spirits Iran 5400 BC3Distilled spirits4060 alcoholaNormally given a proof rating2X of alcohol 80 proof40 alcoholbConversion of wine into brandy developed during Middle Ages Produced by fermentation aSugarwater in air invaded by yeastsbb Yeasts eat the sugarethanol CHCH OH or CHOHCO bubbles upescapes32252cYeasts cannot survive in high alcohol concentration at1015 they die so this can only produce beer or wine DistillationRemoves the water increases alcohol contentBrandydistilled wineWhiskeygrainsRummolassesSchnappspotatoesTequilamescal cactusGinvodkamixture of pure alcohol waterflavoring Measurement 1typical serving of an alcoholic beverage should contain the same amount of alcohol 2How does this relate to blood levelaBAL CBlood Alcohol Level Concentrationb BALmg of alcohol per 100 milliliters ml or deciliter dl of whole bloodcExpressed asof alcohol in bloodexample 80 mg100 ml80 mgdl80
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