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Topic 5 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4035

Topic 5AntidepressantsIntroAffective Disorder of Depression 1Mood and emotional disturbance are the primary problem2May lead to distortions in thought processespsychosesCategories1 Major unipolar depression 2 Dysthymic disordermild but chronic 3 Depression Not Otherwise Specified DNOSAtypical DiagnosesMood symptomsVegetative symptomsoInsomniaoNo appetiteoLoss of libidoCognitive symptomsCharacteristicsoRecoveryRemissionRemissionshorter periodfirst couple of months if feel normalRecoverya few more monthsoRelapseRecurrencePrognosis with Medication67 respond in 8 weeks33 respond to placeboIf responders are switched to placebo 50 will relapse in 1 yearEven if responders are not switched 15 will relapseEpidemiologyGendermore common in womenAgepeaks at 2040Family history511 lifetime prevalenceHigh rate of recurrenceHigh suicide possibility if untreated Treatment Optionsif untreated high rate of suicideMedicationPsychotherapyespecially cognitive behavior therapy CBT or interpersonalECTshock treatmentelectro therapyeffectivefor serious depressionwhen patient is at risk for hurting themselves also safepeople pregnantno effect on fetusoproblemscan be short livedwears offoAbout 20 to 40 reach full recoveriesNo reliable response predictorsLack of ability to get people back to feeling normal happy life dont know how people respond to treatmentAntidepressants Some Other Indications given for other things besides depressionOrganic disordersoPostpartummay cause to babyoGriefexperience grief after any loss spouse loved one joboDementiaANXIETYSleepdoesnt cause bad habits makes one relaxedEating disordersthe binging and purging aspectreduces symptomsADHD1 antidepressant sometimes used with conjunctions with other medicationsDiscovery of the Antidepressants
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