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Topic 7 Notes (got the best grade in class)

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Topic 7Mood StabalizersBipolar DisordersBipolar IAt least one episode of mania and depressionBipolar IIMajor depressive and hypomanic episodesCyclothymialess severeMixed Bipolar DisorderPeople with mixed bipolar disorder experience depression and mania at the same time This leads to unpredictable behavior such as crying while doing a favorite activity Its most common in people who develop bipolar disorder at a young age particularly during adolescence But some estimates suggest up to 70 of bipolar patients experience mixed episodesBipolar I vs Bipolar IIPeople with bipolar I disorder have episodes of sustained mania and often have depressive episodes People with bipolar II have major depressive episodes with less severe mania they experience hypomania a less intense mood involving increased energy racing thoughts and a reduced need for sleep Some Symptoms of ManiaIrritabilityExcessive highrisk activitiesInflated selfesteemFlight of ideasDistractibilityDecreased need for sleep Manic Phase SymptomsDuring a manic phase patients tend to feel euphoric and may believe they can accomplish anything This can result in poor judgment inflated selfesteem high sex drive confusion insomnia and a sense of racing thoughts Reckless behaviors including spending sprees sexual indiscretions fast driving and substance abuse are common Having three or more of these symptoms nearly every day for a week may indicate a manic episodeSome Characteristics of major depression in BD I or IIbipolar depression vs unipolar depressionDrug treatment is differentBriefer duration than unipolar More rapid onsetAnergiaPsychomotor retardationReverse vegetative symptomsSimilar to atypical depressionReversebipolar depressionDifferential diagnosis is difficultNo diagnostic lab testscriteria are clinicalBP Depression may look likeoMajor Depression and schizophreniaoAntisocial behavior disordersoADHD and conduct disorders in childrenSubstanceinduced disordersMedical conditionsDistinct from Unipolar depressionEarlier acute onsetMore total episodesMore familial maniafamily history oMania has more of a genetic contributionEqual sex distributionDistinguishing hypomania from happiness An individual experiencing a manic episode describes it as being very happyThey dont realize its not the same thing
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