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PSYC 4035

Topic 4Psychiatric MedicationsAntipsychoticsIntroductionGeneral Principlesa Drugs are not disease specificprovide benefit for specific symptomsb Some patients do not respond favorably to any of the drugsc All patients are at risk for the side effectsd We cannot predict the specific behavioral effect of a particular drug in a given patiente We do not really know how the beneficial effect of these drugs is related to their physiological effects Major Categories of Psychiatric DisordersSchizophreniaAffective DisordersDepressionBipolar DisorderAnxiety DisordersSchizophreniaaDiagnosis 1Core featuresat least 6 months in whichProminent psychotic symptoms are present for at least one weekPsychosocial functioning is poorIf present mood disturbance is brief vs psychotic symptoms Prominent psychotic symptomsaContent of thoughtdelusionsfalse beliefs not amenable to change by reason or experiencebForm of thoughtthought disorder loosening of associations among thoughts word saladcPerceptual disturbanceshallucinationsa perception that occurs in the absence of a stimulususually auditoryvoices in the headmany times theyre saying terrible things to the schizophrenic patientsdNegative symptomseMood or affectemotional state or reactions are flatno sign of expression or abnormal Positivepresence of something that is not considered normalDelusionsHallucinationsThought disorderNegativethe absence of behaviors that should be thereAt the moment we do not have meds that help the negative symptomsAnhedoniainability to experience enjoyment out of lifeVery much like depressionWithdrawnAffective bluntingexwill say something very sad and start laughingCognitive Impairment hard to thinkPeople with schizophrenia can feel depression however it is not a main issue
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