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Test 1 Review (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4039

Test 1 ReviewRead the Preface and First 2 Chapters of the Book DO NOT memorize the book he will not ask questions about anyone mentioned in the book that was NOT covered in class The rise of Modern Psychiatry was directly related to the idea that hospitals should be therapeuticoWilliam Battie was the first person to suggest that hospitals should be therapeuticAlienistsoOne who treats mental alienationoFirst psychiatristsoPsychiatry termed by Reil 1808Psychiatry From Greek psykhe mindiatreia healing careoEarly AlienistsBattieEnglandChiarugiItalyPinelFranceRushAmericaThe test will have a lot of names ONLY people mentioned in classoWilliam BattieThe first AlienistThe first psychiatrist to argue for therapeutic benefits of institutionalizing patientsThe founding medical officer of St Lukes hospital in LondonTreatise on Madness Bookspecifically attributed therapeutic virtues to the asylum He recommended an isolation cureWas considered the leading mad doctor of his dayoVincenzio ChiarugiIntroduced Moral TherapyMoralMentalPsychological therapyTakes credit for specifying the basics in running a therapeutic asylumUnchained his patientsWell known for writing books detailing asylum routines and advocating moral therapyoBenjamin RushFather of American PsychiatryHe was somewhat of a sham Highly advocated moral therapyHis hospital had tinycellsoHe also practiced bloodletting and spinning chair to slow bloodflow to the brainConvinced that that cause of madness was in the blood vessels of the brainDeveloped the first tranquilizerPatients were strapped into a chair and a box was put over their head to cut off sensory stimulationoWilliam Turke York Retreat 1769A rich British tea merchant as well as an admirer of PinelWas NOTdoctor he was a laypersonBecame aware that mental illness was increasing and build the York RetreatYork Retreat Beacon for moral therapyHis work was carried on by his son and grandson Henry and Samuel Turke who wrote a book in 1813 about the York RetreatAlthough the book was written by a layperson it became one of the most famous books in the history of psychiatryoDorothea DixAn influential early advocate for the mentally illAmerican school teacher
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