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ALTERNATIVES1ALTERNATIVES190019502As used by the author of your book alternatives means alternative toDoesnt really refer to a periodAuthor wrongly says that there was a search for an alternative to these two choiceoStrictly speaking is not true werent the only things psychs were doing3But in 1900 there were alternatives to custodial hospitalization and psychoanalysis egShock therapy is not the same as ECToShock therapy refers to having a patient walking over a trap door that opens into a vat of ice waterECT not developed until the 1930sFaradizationoApplication of electrical currents to the persons body eg arms and legs4EARLY DRUG THERAPIES5ANCIENTSHelleboreoMakes people too sick to rant and raveLaudanum came in Middle AgesoTincture alcoholbased concentration very strong at least 80 proofoWould be getting combined effects of alcohol and laudanum oComes from the word laudableoMorphine is principle active ingredient in opiumBlue mass because dyed with a blue dyeTH619 CENTURYalkaloidoplant based substance that is a baseMoreauoHashish and Mental Illnessfirst book on psychopharmacology and drugs to treat mental illnesscocaine gets separated from the leafobefore had to chew on leavesoaround the time that the hypodermic needle was inventedbelladonna alkaloids affect central nervous systemodilate the pupil enhances a womans physical attractiveness7NEW ALTERNATIVESCIRCA 190019508PHARMACOTHERAPY190019501930s obegin use of stimulants to treat childhood behavior disordersfrom antihistamines that Thorazine is developedLSD important bc can mimic some of the effects of psychosisBarbiturates most important used during this time periodthoSynthesized during the 19 century in GermanyoDont come onto the scene until 1903First was barbitalPowerful sedative compoundNarcoanalysisoUse of barbiturates in conjunction with psychoanalysisProlonged narcosisoDiscovered by British MacleodPuts nervous patient to sleep for a voyage on a ship used salt of bromideKlaesioBest known for advocating sleep therapy for mental illnessopioneered the use of barbiturates in sleep therapyBailySargant become infamous oBailyAustralian SargantBritishoUsed barbiturates to put people to sleep for weeks or monthsMortality rate makes them infamousoSargant worked for British Intelligence AgencyWas using it to get information out of people DepatterningoWould play recorded messages into the room to reset their thinking patternsoBarbiturates only used as part of the treatment9Focal Infection Theory and Defocalization
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