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Test 3 Review (98% on the test)

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Test 3 ReviewTulane study associate Heath with electrical brain stimulationParticularly important section of ethicsEvolution of modern medical ethicsBIOETHICS MOVEMENT 1960sFederal funding of researchNew ethical dilemmasCentralization of medicineIncreased medical specializationCivil rights and consumerismAwareness of mistreatment of research subjectsPATIENTS RIGHTS ESTABLISHED BY COURTSFEDERAL REGULATIONSRight to treatmentWyatt v Stickney 325 F Supp 781MD Ala1971ADVENT OF BIOMEDICAL ETHICS AS AN ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE 1970s Before the 1960s when heath started what were the ethical standards of the timeHIPPOCRATIC OATHI will keep them from harmI will come for the benefit of the sickDECLARATION OF GENEVA 1948modernization of Hippocratic OathThe health of my patient will be my first considerationINTERNATIONAL CODE OF MEDICAL ETHICS 1949Any act that would weaken a patient may only be used in his interestThe Hippocratic oathmodernizations of Hippocratic oathCode of NuremburgVoluntary consentsubject must agree to participateEnlightened decisionsubject needs to be given enough information and have the mental capabilities necessary to understand what they are agreeing toGiven the ethics of the time was heath being ethical or not WhyConditions in US mental hospitals were poorEconomicsovercrowding placed severe financial strain of states with regard to caring for the mentally illThus there was an economic incentive in finding new procedures that would reduce the length of hospitalization Professional forcesMENTAL HOSPITALS IN CRISISMOVEMENT TO ROOT PSYCHIATRY IN BIOLOGICAL MEDICINEDRASTIC SOMATIC THERAPIES WERE WIDELY USED AND GENERALLY ACCEPTEDAlternatives chapter 6Dont read last section on socialcommunityKnow what term alternatives means as used by authorShorter means something other than analysis and warehousing Alternatives to custodial institutionalization and psychoanalytic psychotherapy Know strictly speaking there were alternatives to custodial hospitalizationpsychoanalysis before 1900s Shock Therapyartificial drowningFlemish physician Dr Jan Baptista van HelmontHydrotherapyFaradizationthe use of direct electrical currents as apposed to alternating
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