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thTHE FIRST BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 18501900CONTINUITY vs DISCONTINUITYThese concepts go back to issues early on like Kuhns theory of Normal vs Revolution ScienceThe difference btw the was in their CONTINUITYDiscontinuity is a major breakShorter assumed that it is Discontinuity but the teacher disagreed whimsee it as ContinuityFrom 18501900 you see that it went from biological psychiatry then it went through a revolution then back to biologicalthAThe FIRST BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 18501900see a development in 4 areas 1Genetics2Neuroanatomy3Neurochemistry started at this time4Clinicaldescriptive MethodBGENETIC MADNESS it was long observed that genetic madness ran along family lines The earlier psychiatrists such Battie believed this Listed below are new ideas that developed around 18501Degeneration2Evolution3EugenicsCDEGENERATION mental illness is inheritedit worsens as it passes from one generation to the nextbelieved in inheritance of acquired characteristics 1The idea that genetic disorders get worse as they pass through successive generations this concept is called degenerationaConcept of degeneration is extended especially by KrafftEbing to other behavioral characteristics criminalitysexual deviancemental illness is seen as the endpoint in deterioration2Morelothers proposed a degenerative sequence Morel is a French psychologist that proposed the signs or sequences In the state of degeneration process seen by Morelothers aCriminalitybSexual perversioncMental illness3Stigmatized the mentally illcreated fearloathing of psychiatrists early roots of antipsychiatry it created shame caused people to hide family membersdenied family illnesses It created feardistrust for psychiatrists bc they were able to technically diagnose peoplegive them a label which tainted the family Sometime psychiatrists abused their powers by falsely accusing people of illnesses 4By 1920 degeneration discredited in psychiatryBut the idea was advanced by othersDHuman Evolution omitEEVOLUTION many people anticipated this theory bf Charles Darwin but it was he that put it all together1Life is a struggle for survival2Genetic variation in physicalpsychological traitsaWe are genetically variedit is hard to deny sue to physicalpsychological traits aka heritable aspectsbIndividuals varied by their genetic3Natural selection survival of the fittest born wtraits to do well wlife struggle aThe GOAL of life is to perpetual your genes for the survival of the next generation differential survival of genotypes4Units of selectionaSociety aka Social DarwinismSpencer coined phrase survival of the fittest1Social Darwinism is a social unit that compete wanother social unitthe fittest one survived2Social Darwinism took off big in USEurope but it was a harmful idea USA is high in pecking order now but China is the ascending onest3Herbert SpencerBritish philosopher one of 1 sociologistsApplies Darwins theory to societiesCoined phrase survival of fittestthat societies evolve through competitionextinctionUsed to justify unrestrained economic competition produced wealthpowerthus fitnessagainst aid to unproductive weak sick members of society Spencers focus was not on species but higher social units like countries bSpecies sometimes individuals are concern wthisIt is quite rarecIndividual individual survival is primacydominancedGene basic unit of evolutional selection 5The gene is the elemental unit of selection elemental selection leads to reformation of the fitness6Fitness the representation of genes in future generations ideas that genes get represented in future generation It is not really the genes that are passed on but a copy of your genes 7Inclusive fitness altruism altruism means doing goodaThe act committed is damaging the fitness of the actEX an animal that give out a warning call that a predator is around to other animals in it units increased the animal danger to the predatorbc it draws attention to itIt is most likely killed by the predator but it saves the othersbInclusive fitness is individuals that lived in colonyare related to each other warning calls save others even if he endanger himself FStruggle for SurvivalEvery morning in Africa an antelope wakes up It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed Every morning in Africa a lion wakes up It knows that it must run faster than the slowest antelope or it will starve It doesnt matter whether you are a lion or an antelopewhen the sun comes up youd better be runningAn African ProverbOmitGSome Implications1We are machines created by genes for purpose of propagating genesaThe chicken is the eggs way of making another egg bYou are DNAs way of making more DNA2Human species not immutable all species are not immutable including humans bc humans evolved from a simple life form to another3Course of human evolution is alterable through human intervention it is possible to control future evolutioneliminate mental illnesses
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