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Madness From Antiquity To The Enlightenment Notes 2nd Ppt (got 94% in the course)

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PSYC 4039
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Madnessfrom Antiquity to the Enlightenment PPT 2Antiquitythe time before the middle agesMiddle Agesfrom 5 AD to 1500 the time of the Italian RenaissanceDark Agesfrom 5 AD to 1000 also seen as a synonym for the Middle AgesthEnlightenmentan 18 c philosophical movement characterized by emphasis on reason and empiricism and reformation of political religious and educational doctrineStone Age trepanationthe removal of a piece of bone from the skullBelieved that this was a way to treat odd or disturbed behavior mental illness in the Middle AgesAncient people believed in animism and had supernatural beliefs There explanation for odd or disturbed behavior was that the person had a demon living inside themThey cut a hole in their head to let it outThe ancients and supernaturalismBabyloniansThey kept records with a stylus and clayThe first writing was a cuneiform clay tablet dealing with the issues they experiencedoAmong these writings are medical facts describing what we now know as mental illnesses but they saw them as supernatural eventsIdtamay have been a demon of insanitycannot find any evidence of thisMesopotamiaone of their earliest civilizations centered in BabylonCode of Hammurabi o2100 BCoEarliest written law in systematized formoRecorded on cuneiform clay tabletsoAlso contained a record of the beginning of systematized medicineDescribed many diseases like epilepsy introduced the study of life history emphasized hygiene and medical ethicsBut medicine was magical religious animistic and astrological
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