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Ppt 1 Madness And Medicine (got 93% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4039

Notes for PPT1PHD psychologists in Mexico and Louisiana can prescribe drugsThe history of psychology is closely tied to the development of mental hospitalsWhat this course is notAntipsychiatrya movement against psychiatry because of its checkered history and horrific treatment of patients ex LobotomyAntidruga movement against the modern treatment of primarily using drugs to treat mental disordersoHarmful side effectsoBelieve it is part of a plot of psychology to gain control over people and societyThe group best known for these efforts is the Church of ScientologyAntibiologymany people are against the thought that mental disporders are biologically causedPsychiatry The GoodPsychiatry saves livesoThe most common risk with mental illness is suicidePsychiatry improves the quality of life for the mentally illoSuffer lessoFunction better in societyPsychiatry The BadEfficacy of treatment is exaggeratedoDrug companies exaggerate the effectiveness because it helps their bottom lineUnderstanding of etiology cause of mental illness is exaggeratedoExaggerate cause to justify treatmentOverprescription of medicationOverdiagnosismisdiagnosis of medical disordersoIn the past issues were just considered to be part of living and now we are turning them into mental disordersPsychiatry The UglyHarmful treatmentso19001950psychiatry got very aggressivewilling to try anythingExamplelobotomiesReckless researchers and cliniciansoLeading figures in psychiatry were real egoistsoDidnt worry that their research might be harming patientsoThey may have had good intentions but because of their personality flawsthey couldnt see the harm they were doingNeglect and abuseoNo other group has been as badly neglected and abusedWhy should we care about historyBecause it is interestingIt helps us to avoid the mistakes of the pastto understand the present one must begin in the pastAnn JohnsonHelps to predict the futureHistoriographyThe writing of historyThe methods historians use to develop their ideas and to write historyIssues in HistoriographyWho should write history oHuge debate between practitioner versus historiansoPractitionertrained scientists who got their degree in the field they are writing about they do scienceUnderstand what they are writing about better than academic historiansNot trained in historyTend toward internalismSay you cant write history if you dont know the scienceoAcademicpersons trained as professional historians got their degree in historyTend toward externalismNot many are interested in the history of scienceSay that you need specific training in historiography in order to write historyInternalism versus externalismfocus is on contentcontextoInternalisminterested in ideas and events specific to a particular discipline internal tooExternalisminterested in the cultural political economic social context and how this context influenced events external toPresentoriented versus diachronical historyhow our knowledge of what happened after an event influenced our interpretation of that eventoPresentorientedstudy of the past with the present always in mind presentismAdvantagesenables us to understand the present to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and to predict the futureDisadvantagesjudging the past by todays standardsCan be both internal and externaloDiachronicalwriting from the perspective that all later events did not occur from the perspective of a person living at that timeNot judgmental
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