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Exam 2 Completed Study Guide (got 94% in the course)

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Study GuideExam 2EugenicsDefinitionfrom the Greek word for well born Cacogenic dysgenic poor bornSir F Galtonproposed the science of controlling our own evolution Believed that eminent men had eminent offspringMental characteristics were the most important genes Rosanoffmade the connection betweenmental illness and neurpathy geneticsTwin Studiesfirst conducted by Hans Luxenburger These studies were used to study the effects of nature versus nurture These studies gave heritability estimates which is the variance in a phenotype that is explained by genetic variation It is a characteristic of a population and not a trait Monozygotic identical twinsDizygotic nonidentical twins separate fertilizationPositive EugenicIdentify people with positive characteristics and encouraged them to breedAES holds Fitter Families contest and awards 500 to the best eugenics sermonNegative EugenicTrying to prevent people with bad characteristics from breeding Limited social support for the needy and infirmed 1933 all states prohibited marriage of the insane Forced sterilization laws took place in 30 states ruled constitutional in 1927 by Supreme Court Buck vs BellCarrie Buck was assumed to be mentally retarded because her mother and daughter wereBuck was forcibly sterilized Later it was discovered that she had been raped and was an honor roll student Eugenics ContinuedThe
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