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Chapter 19 Emerging Adulthood Psychosocial Development

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PSYC 4070
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Chapter 19 Emerging Adulthood Psychosocial DevelopmentContinuity and Change In emerging adulthood the legacy of early development is apparent amidst new achievement as Erikson recognized in his description of the fifth of his eight stages identity versus role confusion As you remember the crisis of identity begins in adolescence but it is not usually resolved until adulthood Worldwide emerging adults ponder all four arenas of identityreligious commitments gender roles political loyalties and career optionstying to reconcile plans for the future with beliefs acquired in the past In the United States and Canada almost half of 18 to 25yearolds are of African Asian Latino or Native American heritage Ethnicity is a significant aspect of their political identity Ethnic identity is complex and pervasive affecting language manners romance employment neighborhood religion clothing and values In additionIt is reciprocal both a personal choice and a response to othersIt depends on context so it changes with time and circumstanceIt is multifaceted emerging adults accept some aspects and reject othersEmerging adulthood is a critical stage for the acquisition of resources including the education skills and experience needed for a lifelong family and career success Many developmentalists wonder whether vocational identity is an illusion in the current global economy Hiring and firing seem disconnected from the workers training or need for a steady job especially for young workers Continuity and change are evident in personality as well Of course personality endures lifelong which means that the selfdoubt anxiety depression and so on are present in adolescence are often still evident years later Personality is not static Rising Self Esteem Generally transitions increase well being Those in college away from home showed the largest gains and those who had become single parents or still lived with their parents showed the least This positive trend of increasing happiness has become more evident over recent decades perhaps because young adults are more likely to make their own life decisions Worrisome Children Particularly children at the extremes of one or the other of two traits were known to have strong genetic roots extreme shyness and marked aggression
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