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Study Guide For Exam 1

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PSYC 4072
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Psy 4072 Study GuideChapter 1 themes and issues in adult agingwhy study adult development and agingotoprovide crucial perspectives that enhance the understanding of the psychology of adulthood and aging All knowledge and theories contribute importantly to the study of an individual over timeThe biopsychosocial perspectiveobiological physiological factors and geneticsbody functions and structureopsychological cognition emotion and personalityosociocultural social context history and culturefamily community and countryFour principles of adult development and aging1changes over continuous life spancontinuous principlechanges occur in later adulthood build on what has happened during ones pastindividuals remain the same internally even though they change appearanceoex a biologically a persons change in their heart with age depends on many ways on the prior functioning of that system throughout there life2only the survivors grow old aging individuals are increasingly selfselectedthe very fact that theyre still alive meansobiologically good genes andor took good acre of themselvesopsychologically emotionally healthyosocioculturally surrounded themselves with a good support system3 individuality matteras people age they become more different from each other than alike perhaps through different experiences ointerindividual differences describes the differences between peopleointraindividual differences describes the differences within an individual 4normal aging is different from diseasenormal agingprimary aging is built in hard wiring of the organismimpaired gaining or secondary aging is a function of abnormaloptimal aging slowed and altered meaning of ages odivisions of age of the over65 populationyoung old 6574oldold 7584oldest old 85 and olderbiological age is based on the quality of an individual body systempsychological based on the functioning on psychological test
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