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Health And Longevity

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PSYC 4072
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Health and LongevityOverviewoIntroductionoLongevityoHealthillnessoHealth problems in late adulthoodoPromoting health and wellnessIntroductionoAging does not equal illness example older adults are not all sick and unhealthySome older adults take no medicine have no ailments etcOld age is not synonymous with poor healththis is an ageist viewoConsider older adults health in the same context as younger adults example same medications procedures but possibly different outcomes trajectories of healing and wellnessFluyoung people bounce back but older people have complicationsSame antibiotic might make a child feel better right away but take much longer for an older adultoPhysical activity exercise diet and lifestyle are important to health promotion and retention of health for people of all agesEveryday behaviorsElderly pick different forms of exercisemallwalking vs going to the gymLongevityoLife expectancy vs life spanPractical vs ideal respectivelyLife expectancy is a statistical projection how long are we supposed to live 77 and women have a 7 year advantage to men todayLife span is the ideal age that humans could live to right now this is 120But one French woman lived to be 122oChanges in life expectancyGreece 500 BC Plato18 yearsAncient Rome 100 AD Caesar 25 yearsthEngland 13 century King Arthur 35 yearsAmerica 1900s 40somethingModern medicine and child labor laws have contributed nearly 30 additional years to todays life expectancyoFactors affecting longevityIntrinsic factors or primary factorsCant fix or solve theseinherited or fixed no control over themExtrinsic factors or secondary factorsSome control over these diet exercise nutrition relationshipType A personality aggressive competitive vs type B personalityIntrinsic and extrinsic factors interactHealth and illnessoAcute illnessPhysical disorder with a limited durationHarder to diagnose can potentially be lifethreateningEverybody has acute illness from time to time and some develop chronic illness as wellExamples include the flu and pneumonia which is complicated with the aging process temperature only rises a little bit and the ability to localize pain diminishesoChronic illnessLongterm health problems that cannot be cured
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