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TEST 3PSYC 4072INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPSSocial relationships are an important part of our lifeIt is important to consider the topic of interpersonal relationships from an adult developmental perspectiveCommon Myths about Intergenerational relationshipsMyth 1oThe years after the last child leaves the home empty nest is a time of considerable emotional pain particularly for womenThe pressure and responsibility for making sure your child has what he needs is goneYou can start to think about yourself now and pursue own interestsCan indulge in own personal interestCan have privacy nowMyth 2oMedicare provides all of the needed health care for disables older adultsMedicare doesnt pay for a lifetime of expensesWill not get Medicare reimbursements from nursing home staysMyth 3oA century ago elderly parents and their children lived together more often because families were more caring the modern family is more isolated geographically and emotionallyFamilies might lived farther apart but still emotionally connectedA generation ago it was an economic necessity for families to live togetherChildren today live away from parents because they can afford toMyth 4oMost parents 65 are neglected by their adult children who never visit them or who callously place them in nursing homes at the slightest provocationPutting a parent in a nursing home will be the last resort and most people care for them at homeParents and Adult Children81 of all older people have adult childrenTypically older children and parents have a mutual sense of responsibilityFilial maturityoDevelopmental transition where adult children begin to identify with their parentsoYoure an adult child but youre starting to understand the choices that your parents made when they were raising you and using them in your childrenoIf you dont have children then you start to appreciate themoYou identify with your parentsFilial anxietyoOccurs when adult children realize that they may be forced to take on the care of a disabled parentoThis is an American problemoDifferent for cultureso Asian cultures dont have this its expectedFilial obligation or filial pietyoo In other cultures it is expected that children will take the care of their parents in old ageGrand parenting
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