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Psych Test 2

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4072

TEST 2 test questions are highlightedChapter 6 general slowing hypothesisthe increase in reaction time reflects a general decline of information processing speed within the nervous system of the aging individual age complexity hypothesisthrough slowing of central processes in the nervous system age differences increase as tasks become more complex and procesing resources are stretched more and more to their limitrecallversusrecognitiontestsofmemoryolderpeopledobetterwithrecognitionbecauseoftheexternalcueshelpthemrecalltheencodingprocessolderpeoplestrugglewithfreerecallAttention1SelectivityInformation processing is limited we select some information at the expense of other information selected info v inhibited infoCocktail party phenomenon at a large party you hear blur of sounds when your name is called you focusVisual search task2 Capacity how much information that can be processed at a given timeEffortful processes Requires attention and cognitive effortAutomatic processes Ex Typing drivingeffortful processes show agerelated declinesDivided attention being able to do 2 things at one time3 Vigilance readiness for detecting a stimulus change maintenance of attention Ex air traffic controllerSustained attention the ability to maintain attention to a sensory event for a long period of timeMemory is a Multidimensional Construct it is not viewed as a single entityEpisodic memorypersonally experienced eventsSemantic Memory the meaning of words long termProcedural Memoryinfo about how to do things Motor memory Working memory keeps info temporarily particularly vulnerable to aging auditory visual episodicNormal memory agingDesired information usually pops to mind laterMay be termed ageassociated memory impairment AAMI Forgetting where you put your keys misplacing glasses going into a room and forgetting why forgetting an appointment forgetting the name of a friendfishvitaminB6B12andfolatehaveapositiveeffectonmemoryStructural viewreflect information processing model based on the assumption that we have structures or stores Sensory memory STM LTMLimitations of structural viewsCant explain findings related to quality of encoding some things go in and stay forever and some just dontCant explain the contextdependency of memoryFunctional viewassume that memory processes are jointly determined by mental operations and environmental cuesEncoding processes interpretations of stimulus patternsRetrieval processes reinstatement of the initial encoding operationsRecognition cued recall free recall Limitations of functional views circular reasoning cant remember because their retrieval processes are slow
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