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Psychology 4072 Exam 2 Study Guide

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PSYC 4072
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Psychology 4072 Exam 2 Study GuideChapter 6 Information Processing AttentionMemoryA Selelectivity 1 Information processing is inherently limited because we select some info at the expense of other information 2 Cocktail party phenomenonwhen youre at a party and you hear someone say something youre interested in and you automatically turn your attention to what theyre saying 3 Research includes but is not limited toa Visual searchb Spatial cuingc Attention shiftingB Capacity 1 How much information can be processed at a given time 2 Automaticity a Effortful v autonomic processesb Demands on attentional resources 3 Divided attentiona Research uses dualtask methodologiesb Deficits are seen in performance tradeoffs between focus v divided attention conditionsc Older adults and simple v complex tasksC Vigilance 1 A persons readiness for detecting a stimulus change ex air traffic controller 2 Sustained attentionthe ability to maintain attention to sensory events for a prolonged amount of timea Vigilance tasks 1 Overall level of vigilance performance 2 Vigilance decrementb Literature is mixedD Psychomotor speed 1 Sensitivity to changes in memory ability 2 Individual differences in memory abilities to older adults 3 Effects of physiological and emotional states on memoryE Memory as a multidimensional construct 1 Defining memorynot viewed as a single entity 2 Episodic memorystoring and retaining personally experienced events shows the biggest age difference then semantic then procedural 3 Semantic memoryholds info about the meaning of words ie definitions 4 Procedural memoryhow to do things ex driving a car typing holds up with healthy agingF Normal memory aging 1 Ancient Greeks 2 Increased awareness of declining memory 3 Many aspects of cognition do decline with age 4 It is important to distinguish between normal forgetfulness and memory problems that are
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