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Physiological Aging

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4072

Physiological AgingOverviewoIntroductionoTheories of agingoChanges in appearanceoCardiovascular systemCardiovascular disease is the number one killer and if this could be eliminated 11 years would be added to the average life spanoLungs and pulmonary systemHeart and lungs are intricately relatedoEndocrine and immune systemsoCentral nervous systemIntroductionoPhysiological aging is a lifelong processoVarying reactions to the aging processSome people just adjust and others find it upsetting or distressingoBiological changes and their implications50something biological aging as midlife or later which is not the caseprenatal development is aging as welloPhysical ailments and chronic diseaseGo hand and in hand with biological changesMake smart lifestyle choices to ensure healthy agingTheories of agingoCurrent theories of aging explain some aspects of the aging process but none of the theories can account for all of the factsLots and lots but no one theory covers everythingtons to account foroThere are two types of theories these are large classesProgrammed theoriesAge is genetically controlledTadpole doesnt need to think to lose its tail caterpillar doesnt need to think to become a butterflythese things just happen because of geneticsWear and tear theoriesBuy a new car that you drive a lot repair it some and eventually you hit 200000 miles and it quitsProgrammed theoriesoBased on the idea that the aging process is genetically controlledInformation that controls development is coded in the genes made up of molecules of DNAGenetic information guides the bodyoAging is a programmed part of developmentoThree sources of evidence consistent with this view1 Premature agingoA useful way to study genetic influences on aging is to conduct studies on people who age in an abnormal fashion WhyoThe cells of people that show abnormal aging may point to a biochemical basis of abnormal aging that may lead to an understanding of normal agingOrganisms that show prematureabnormal agingbiochemics serves as a window into genetic agingprogramed theoriesoProgeria and Downs syndrome are two different conditions in which premature aging occurs A closer look followsProgeria cells age rapidlyDowns syndrome anomaly extra chromosome at conception1A ProgeriaoProgeriaa rare genetic condition that cuases accelerated aging the first signs appear in infancy
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