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Chapter 14

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PSYC 4176
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1Chapter 14 The FamilyEvolutionary Origins of FamiliesAssuming responsibility for childrens enhanced survivaloFathers invested care and timeExtended relationship between a man and women increased male certaintly the child was hisConfidence necessary for him to provide mother and child with food and shelter and to invest in child rearingoExtended kinship groups also heldIncluded ties most often with grandparents but also aunts uncles cousins ectThese larger clans offered greater chances for successful competition with other humans for food and other recources and also for the protection and rearing of offspringFunctions of the FamilyReproduction Replacing dying membersEconomic services producing and distributing goods and servicesSocialization training the young to become competent participating members of societyEmotional support helping others surmount emotional crisis and fostering in each person a sense of commitment and purposeReproduction socialization and emotional supportremain primarily the province of the familyResearches interested in finding how families fill these functions take a oSocial systems prospective viewing the family as a coplex set of interacting relationships influenced by the larger social context not in notesFamily as a social system interaction of family membersParents dont mechanically shape their childrenInstead family members mutually influence one anotherFamily system a network of interdependent relationshipsoBidirectional influencesAll parties in the interaction influence each otheroDirect influences How people act with each otheroIndirect influencesThird parties that affect family members
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