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Psych Ch 14 & 15

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CHAPTER 14THE FAMILYSocial Systems PerspectiveoA view of the family as a complex set of interacting relationships influenced by the larger social networkoNetwork of interdependent relationshipsBidirectional influences All parties in the interaction influence each otherDirect influencesHow people act with each otherInderect influences Third parties that affect family membersCoparenting mutually supporting each others parentingChild Rearing StylesoCombinations of parenting behaviors that occur over a wide range of situations creating an enduring childrearing climate oThree features that consistently differentiate an effective style1Acceptance of the child and involvement in the childs life which establishes an emotional connection with the child2Control of the child which promotes more mature behavior3Autonomy granting which encourages selfrelianceoAuthoritative child rearing the most successful approachinvolves high acceptance and involvement adaptive control techniques and appropriate autonomy granting Psychological control behaviors that intrude on and manipulate childrens verbal expressions individuality and attachments to parentsDo what I say1
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