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Chapter 15

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PSYC 4176

1Chapter 15 Peers Media and schoolingPeer Sociability in playAs children become increasingly self aware more effective at communicating and better at understanding the thoughts and feelings of others their skill at interacting with peers improves greatlySocial development proceeds in a three step sequence Beginning withNonsocial activityoUnoccupied onlooker behavioroSolitary playParallel playoPlays near other children with similar toysoBut does not try to influence themSocial interactionoAssociative playChildren engage in separate activities but they exchange toys and comment on one anothers behavioroCooperative playa more advanced type of interaction in which children orient toward a common goal such as acting out a makebelieve themeCognitive Play Categorieswe now understand it is the type rather than the amount of solitary and parallel play that changes during early childhoodFunctional Play 02 yrsoSimple repetitive motar movementsoWith or without objectsMakeBelieve Play 26 yrsoActing out everyday and imaginative rolesConstructive Play 36 yrsoCreating or constructing somethingGames with Rules after 6oUnderstanding and following rules in playMiddle Childhood and Adolecence Peer SociabilityWhen children begin school they are exposed to more diverse peersThis allows them to apply social and emotional knowledgeoProspective takingoProsocial acts
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