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Religious Studies
REL 1000
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Religion 1000 NotesTest 1 MaterialJanuary 18 2013Religious TheoristsEdward Burnett Tylor Had an animistic theory of religionAnimistic Theory belief that the natural world is inhabited by spiritsMax MullerNature worship personalization of natural forcesBased on the study of HinduismSigmund FreudDescribed religion as a mass delusionparanoid wish fulfillmentSaid that the reason religion exists is because people are scared mainly of deathSays the origin of religion is to make ourselves feel betterNegative view on religionCarl JungDescribed religion as a collective unconsciousSaid we inherently know certain things to be trueHardwired for religionBoth Freud and Jungs theories are universal but individualisticKarl MarxHuman creation meant to alleviate feelings for alienationUsed by the elite to control the massesNegative view on religionEmile DurkheimOur sacred objects and practices are what distinguish one group from anotherMarx and Durkheims theories are universal and socialWithout the social aspect religion would not existClassifications of ReligionPhenomenological based on similarities of religious life regardless of time and placeGeographical classified based on region of originpracticeOur Way of CategorizingOralIndigenous traditionsReligions of IndiaReligions of the far eastReligions of the middle eastNewer religious movementsJanuary 23 2013Pathetic fallacyGiving human characteristics to objects feelings or ideas Giving human characteristics to things that arent realLeads tooGeneralizationsoTheological conclusionsAcademic vs TheologicalAcademic study religion like any other fieldTheological concerned with religious truthsAcademic concerned with truth facts empirical evidenceTheological concerned with Truth nonempirical evidence things that are not proven but just known to be trueDescriptive vs NormativeAcademic descriptive what is and wasTheological normative what should beInsider vs Outsider Debate
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