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Test 2 Notes

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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 1000

Test 2JudaismHistoryPatriarchy Abraham Moses JacobIsrael st1 Temple Period 950586 bc located in Jerusalem signified political social and a ritual center Prophets begin to turn focus inward to compassionBabylonian Exile 586539 bc temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled to BabylonianCrisis of Faith captured by a pagan culture temple was destroyed punishment by GodTurning Point interpret God differently no idols to represent God end of idolatry no more sacrificeShekinhah wherever Gods people are is where you find God especially of suffering worship changed to group prayer and study nd2 Temple Period 515 bc70 Power over the Jews changed frequently in this periodPersian PeriodGreek PeriodHasmonean Kingdom Historical origin of Hanukkah Last Jewish selfrule until th20 cent IsraelRoman Period temple destroyed religious sectarianism Pharisees Sadducees Essenes and Zealots Rise of messianic beliefs and apocalyptic literature Rebellions in 65 135Pharisees study the Torah interpreting and applying the lawSadducees Literal reading of the law acculturationEssenes sort of ascetic very apocalyptic viewsZealots rejected roman authorityMany Judaisms many different kinds of practices because of many cultural influences increasing role of exegesis cultural interaction diasporaMedieval Judaism Diaspora throughout Europe MediterraneanIslamic Rule Judaism flourishes Jewish literacy Dhimimi status people of the book Maimonides synthesizing faith and reasonChristian Rule Spain Kabbalis mystic traditionEarly Modern Jews in Europe 1300Jews expelled from England France Spain
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