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STUDY GUIDE FOR SECOND TESTTheory of Deuteronomistic History 1 Be able to explain the theory of the Deuteronomistic History DtrHKnow the following especiallyaWhat books belong to the DtrHaDeuteronomy to 2 kings b What sweep of history does the DtrH cover Israels history from the eve of Israels entry into Palestine to the Babylonian exileaentry into PalestinebJoshua and the conquestcEra of the judges dThe united monarchyeThe divided monarchyfThe beginning of the exile c Why are the Deuteronomic law code and covenant set forth at the beginning ofthe DtrHa law shows standard by which to judge behavior and live byd When did the Dtr editors produce the DtrH ca 560 BCEa the dtr editors produced the dtr history in 560 BCEe What is the purpose of the DtrHa the purpose of the dtrh is to explain the exile Joshua and Judges and the Settlement2 Review the speech of God in Joshua 129It is a key passage composed by the Dtr editorsWhat is the theological lesson of the passagea conquest and a happy life in the land depends on obedience to God 3 Describe the overall picture of the settlement in Joshuaa Israelunited 12 tribesb settlementmilitary invasion and conquestc conquesta holy war and quick and completei Yahweh fought in the midst and gets the credit for the victory 4 The concept or ideology of holy war is present in the books of Joshua and JudgesReview the major elementsclaims of this ideologyFor example Jahweh fights in the very midst of Israel on the battlefield Etca A Holy War1 Yahweh fights in the midst of Israel2 Victory credited to Yahweh entirely3 He wins by sending panicmelting hearts4 spoil or booty devoted to Yahweh5 The socalled judges for example Gideon were not judges in the modern sense of the wordWhat kind of figures were theya a military hero or savior often endowed with a divine charisma6 The Dtr editors construe the history of the Judges era schematicallyKnow the cyclical pattern Israel sins God punishes and so onWhat theological assumption underlines this pattern
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