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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 1004

Religion 1004 Final Exam Study Guide1Prophets1 We divided the Hebrew prophets into two groups the early prophets and the classical prophetsExplain this divisionEarly prophets oPrior to 750 BCE AmosoStories found only from Genesis to Kings Classical Prophetso750 BCE onwardsoSeparate books with their speeches 2 How have past interpreters of the Bible understood the Hebrew prophetsBe able to summarize briefly 12 sentences the views ofiEarly Christians predictors of Jesus ChristiiTraditional Judaism interpreters of JewishMosaic law iiiJ Wellhausen religious geniuses who thought up ethical monotheismivG Holscher ecstatic poets 3 Prophecy in ancient Israel exhibited great diversityKnow the different portraits of early prophets including iSeer in 1 Samuel 19aClairvoyant paid for services and esteemed when word comes true bUsually paid for his servicescEsteemed because his word comes trueiiAnonymous Prophet 1 sam 10aOrganized into groupsbConnected to sanctuariescMusic involved their prophesying perhaps as a means of inducing ecstasydprophesying involves unusual behavior as though one has been turned into a different personeUnusual behavior understood as the result of a spirit possessionfSpirit possessionis thought to be contagious It can spread from the group to anyone who comes among themgGroup identified by father or leader or perhaps founder of the group iiiNathanaServes king as court prophetbAdvises king on cultic matters revealing Jahwehs view of cultic innovationscGives dynastic oracles that legitimate ruling dynasty by declaring Jahwehs supportdRole in enthronement ritual of new kingivElijahaWears pecial mantle that legalizes authority and possess magical powerbman of God or Divine man who performs miraclesiMultiplying foodiiReviving deadiiiBringing drought and rainivKilling soldiers with fire from heavencIntercedes with deity Yahweh heeds his prayerdGives oracle that shows Yahwehs rejection of the king and thus sanctioning the overthrow of the governmentvElishaaLeader of group called sons of prophets iLower class jews who give eli room and boardbMusic induces spirit possession possession produces oraclescMilitary consultant iWhether Y is for or against
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