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Test One Religion

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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 1004

Test One1The Jewish Canon of the Bible was established byaThe rabbis in 100 CE2List the three major sections of the Jewish canon in the correct literary orderaTorahbProphetscWritings3The deuteroncanonicalbooks areaBooks in the Catholic canon but not in the Jewish or Protestant canons4Books of all kind should go together This principle underlies the organization ofaThe Catholic Old Testament5Which of the following statements is true according to class lectureaThe history of ancient Israel as a political state began around 1000 BCE6According to Lester Grabbe a critical history of ancient Israel aScrutinizes and evaluates all sources including the biblebRegards the bible as a problematictext for historical reconstruction7Source criticism asks primarily about aThe authorship and date of biblical literature8List the four sources of the Pentateuch in their chronological order from most ancient to least ancient according to J Wellhausens Documentary HypothesisaJahwistbElohistcDeuteronomicdPriestly9Many scholars think that Genesis 13 contains two stories of creation each from a different source For each statement below name the source aThe deity creates human beings in the image of God Priestly
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