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Religious Studies
REL 1004
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1STUDY GUIDE FOR THE FINAL EXAMThe final exam is comprehensiveThe format will be the same as the midterm testsBegin your preparation by reviewing those earlier testsThen work your way through this study guide which covers the Hebrew prophets wisdom literature and apocalyptic literature and Daniel exclude Prophets1 We divided the Hebrew prophets into two groups the early prophets and the classical prophetsExplain this divisionEarly prophets oPrior to 750 BCE AmosoStories found only from Genesis to Kings Classical Prophetso750 BCE onwardsoSeparate books with their speeches 2 How have past interpreters of the Bible understood the Hebrew prophetsBe able to summarize briefly 12 sentences the views ofiEarly Christians predictors of Jesus ChristiiTraditional Judaism interpreters of JewishMosaic law iiiJ Wellhausen religious geniuses who thought up ethical monotheismivG Holscher ecstatic poets 3 Prophecy in ancient Israel exhibited great diversityKnow the different portraits of early prophets including iSeer in 1 Samuel 19aClairvoyant paid for services and esteemed when word comes true iiAnonymous Prophet 1 sam 10aOrganized into groupsbConnected to sanctuariescMusic involveddSpirit possession leading to unusual behavior could be contagiouseGroup identified by father or leader of the group iiiNathanaServes king as court prophetbAdvises king on cultic matterscGives dynastic oracles that legitimate ruling dynasty by declaring Jewish supportdRole in enthronement ritual of new kingivAhijahaGives oracles that lend divine permissionsanction to political revolution bPerforms symbolic actionscConsulted for prognosis in medical casesvElijahaSpecial mantle that legalizes authority and possess powerbDivine man who performs miraclesiMultiplying foodiiReviving deadiiiBringing drought and rainivKilling soldiers with fire from heavencIntercedes with deity Yahweh heeds his prayerdGives oracle that shows Yahwehs rejection of the king and thus sanctioning the overthrow of the governmentviElishaaLeader of group called sons of prophets iLower class jews who give eli room and boardbMusic induces spirit possession possession produces oraclescMilitary consultant iWhether Y is for or againstiiLocation of enemy ambushesdPerforms miraclesiCleans water sourceiiIncreases oil supply of houseiiiIncreasing food to hungry crowdivRevive deadvPurify poisoned food viCursing disrespectful childreneMedical advisoriSuggest cureiiGive prognosisfRole in political revolution gives divine sanction to overthrow government 4 Review again the biblical portrait of ElijahBe familiar with a the story of the contest at Mt Carmel 1 Kings 18How is it a double contestWho is the true God Baal or YahwehWho is the true prophet that can pray and get an answer from the true God the many prophets of Baal or the prophet of Yahweh b the story of Naboths vineyard 1 Kings 21Gives oracle giving Yahwehs rejection of Ahab his house and rule and thus sanctioning divinely supported political overthrow5 Know Amoss place of origin Judah the date and location of his prophetic career ca 750 BCE in the Northern Kingdom Israel6 Be able to explain briefly 23 sentences the different themes of Amoss preaching iHis social criticism
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