The Second Great Sin

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Religious Studies
REL 1004
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The Second Great SinThe reason for the many versions of the same stories included in the scriptures is due to the respect that the editors of the original texts had for all traditions that revolved around the different writings this has led to many inconsistencies and contradictions when trying to compare the different versions and storiesBalaam StoriesoThe reason for including the Balaam stories in the scriptures was to give an illustration of an evil man doing the work of GodoTheological purposesYHWH could not be influenced by anything Balaam might doBalaam was very dangerous his people believed he was a godoBalaam was a sorcerer summoned by Balak the king of Moab via a group of messengers to go and curse the Israelites as Moses led them through Canaan Balak was afraid of themIn the Old Testament words had substance and purpose davar therefore if someone were to speak something it was believed to come trueoGod visited Balaam in the night commanding him not to curse the Israelites and see the king Balaam obeyed the first command but decided to meet with the king regardless of the warningoAlong the way Gods messenger of death confronts Balaam three times each time only the donkey he rides can see itFirst the donkey moves off of the path to avoid the messengerSecond the donkey
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