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ConquestThere are two differing histories when it comes to the conquest of the IsraelitesoJoshua 1123Joshua is leading the Israelites the whole time Jericho is utterly destroyed and they defeated all those in Canaan except for Gideon after their victories they tribes of Israel divided the land equally amongst themselvesoJudges 11Joshua is already dead land is first divided amongst each tribe so that they may each individually conquer their section of land many cities remained unconquered or had settled compromised with the IsraelitesoBook of Joshua was essentially useless as a historical document because of its contradiction with the book of Judges Joshua is the most radical book due to its statement if you become an Israelite you gain equal standing amongst every other Israelite by having equal shares of everything in each book Joshua says that everything had changed while Judges explained how it was doneWhat defines an IsraeliteoThey were descendants of AbrahamoSome were not direct descendants of Abraham but were adopted as Israelites over time this included the Midianites and the Ethiopians those who received the ten commandments alongside the family of AbrahamoThey chose adopt YHWH as their deity basic requirementRahab a religious professional in service to Baal and her family were allowed to live after the fall of Jericho since she adopted YHWH as her new deity al
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