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Religious Studies
REL 1005
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Chapter 01IntroductionNew TestamentEarliest collection of writing CECommon EraADScripturessacred writing BibleHebrew scripturesOld Testament history and religion of ancient Isreal and Jewish peopleNew Testament Types of literature in New Testament1GospelsMatthew Mark Luke John2ActsOrigins of the earliest Jewish Community3Letters written by early Christian leaders to Jewish churches a21 lettersepistles total b13 of these letters were attributed and given mainly to PAUL4Book of RevelationApocalypseend of the age and the return of JesusTwo different ways to study the bible1The confessional methoddevotional methodthe people who are studying is studying as Christians they live their lives according to the value church setting2Historical critical methodthe one we will be using a history classaCharacteristics of the historical methodiThe present day people take themselves back to the past and try to understand time and place think of as a time machineiiIt is non theological having to do with god we do not really talk that much about God more of the people who wrote these documents iiiNo theory of inspirationivIt is critical We used our minds and our judgmentsChapter 02Jews Among Greeks and RomansPolitical history of Palestine1Isreal was land of Isrealites but was divided into two parts2Southern kingdomJudea where Jews lived1Capital was Jerusalem 2Babylon destroyed the temple and took over Judea and ruled over the Jewish people 587 BCE3Persia then defeats Babylon and took over and let the Jewish rebuild their temple 516 BCE Known as Second Temple Judism4Greece Alexander the Great died 323 BCE then spreads and takes over Known as the Hellenistic Kingdom 323142 BCE5Hasmoneans 14263 BCE6Rome finally dominated and repeated what Babylon did which is to destroy the Jewish temple in Jerusalem 70 CE Pontius Polite was the Roman governor who crucified Jesus1Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem2Jerusalem was the capital3Jesus was born in Bethlehem 4Jesus grew up in Galilee Mainly Nazareth3Northern kingdom remained Isreal Later this northern part just disappeared Geography of GrecoRoman WorldCulture of GrecoRoman World4Characteristics of An Agrarian Society1Agricultural economybased primarily on agriculture 1mainly farmers 2simple technology plow pulled by animals 3most people lived in villages extended families stayed together4patriarchal values men are in authority women play house role 5marked social inequality rich people common people and slavesSocial classesRuling elites govenorsRetainer class scribes tax collectorsCommon people peasant farmers artisans aka crafts people weavers potters fishermen SheppardLowest classes hired workers beggars entertainersSlaves beated minimal clothing servers tutors Chapter 03Basic second temple Judaism Jesus was Jewish and practiced Judaism and his earliest followers were JewsDistinctive aspects of Judaism5Monotheismworshiping or believing in one godaka Yahweh YHWH6Only the high priest was allowed to pronounce this name and he only said it once a year at a special ritual7ShemaJewish professional of faith to their one god8Covenantan agreement with god You are my people and I am your god9Lawthe commandments There were 613 commandments but there are 10 hugemajor commandments10Distinctive practices1Circumcisionsevery young boy were circumcised2Dietary restrictionsno shellfish no porkPlaces of religious observance11Homeevery seventh day is the holy day Friday Evening to Saturday Evening12Synagoguesmany in different cities like churches today Place of assembly that people came together to gave thanks to Yahweh13Templeonly one Temple in Jerusalem Jewish people would have to make trips to the capital city to attend for special festivals and etcSabbath and Passover14Sabbath day was original Saturday but today it is now Sunday because we believe that was when Jesus rose from death
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