9 Formation Of Christian Scripture (got 94% in the course)

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Religious Studies
REL 1005
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Formation of the Christian ScriptureCannon of the Old Testament39 books came to be know as the old testaments cannon approved writingsSeptuagintsame type of literature but written in an assumed nameAbraham not really the authorApocryphahidden books not included in the cannonPseudepigraphaNumber of books in Old testament CanonJewish Canon 39 booksEastern Orthadox 39 books13 52 booksRoman Catholic 39 746 booksProtestants 39 booksHaper Collins includes 46 booksWho decides which books described about the New TestamentFormation of the New Testament steps to creating the canon of the New testament1 Formation of the New Testament2 Transmission of the great Text3 Translation into English27 books of the New Testamentgreekread form left to rightOther writings that didnt make it into the cannon the Apostolic FathersIgnasious letters Paul letters Story about Bishop being Martyred dimity summary of teaching of early apostlesnoestic Christianityduring this period they were
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