6 Divine Men (scored 92%)

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Religious Studies
REL 1005
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Divine MenAntropomorphic concede of gods in human form Gods looked and acted just like human beingsHad human bodiesdivine fleshichorblood of the Godsmore powerful then human beingsnot omnipotent didnt have absolute powernot all knowingGods had bodily functions eat sleep copulatecould also have offspringexperienced human emotions and passions laugh cry etcbehave in ways of human naturenot always praise worthyXenophanes criticized poets for giving Gods nonpraise worthy attributesexpressed Gods in terms of the same cultural level same types of clothes government housesGovernment monarchy king ZeusDiffer Could not die naturally could die and be wounded but could not die of old agecomic book super heroessuper human beings but very humanDemigodHalf GodsHurcules Heracles etcliteral historical figures were seen as Demigods something speial
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