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Final Exam Study Guide (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 2000

Introduction to Religion REL 2000Final Exam Study GuideThe Academic Study of ReligionPathetic Fallacygiving human characteristics to inanimate objects feelings or ideas Major ProblemsMaking valued judgments Generalizations Descriptive vs NormativeDescriptivedescribing how things are Normativehow things should be Rudolf Otto theologianSui generisnot a result of something else Rational vs IrrationalRationalcan be described in human termsIrrationalcant be described ineffable oOtto says true religion is irrationalMysterium Tremendumsince religion is irrational he comes up with this term to describe itMysteriumwholly other feeling of wonderastonishment fascination Tremendumawfulnesswrath overpoweringcreature consciousness energyyou want to do something feeling of urgency Creatureconsciousness Sigmund Freud psychologistReligion as neurosisFreud compared religion to universal obsessive neurosis which is repetitive action Totem and TabooTotemsymbol help up as being sacred usually an animalTaboosomething that is off limits forbidden object thought or action Primal hordekill your father and eat him so you can be with your mother then worship your father out of guilt Freud believed all males had this same urge naturallyThe Future of an IllusionIllusionits not real but you believe it and want it to be real oViews God as an illusion We realize one day were going to get old and die Since we dont have a parent to protect us when were older we create one a God oGod as protective fatherMoses and MonotheismMoses was 2 people oAccording to Jewish tradition Moses was an Israelite On the other hand Freud argued that he was an Egyptian prince Emile Durkheim sociologistFunction vs CauseFunctionalways the same unite the community the real reason behind why people do things
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