The Reality Of The Sacred Eliade (got 94% in the course)

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REL 2000October 7 2013The Reality of the Sacred Mircea EliadeMircea EliadeTaught history of religions at University of ChicagoChildhood experience of being transported into a transcendent worldoLooked back with a feeling of nostalgiaa longing for a beautiful space of otherworldly perfection 194oThis feeling is central to religionStudied in Indiaosacramental experiences symbols and archaic religion are centralScholarshipTruly turned Marx on his headoTook Weber a step furtheroThought is primary not a cause but the causeTwo AxiomsoReligion cannot be reduced it is the independent variableoReligion must be studied historically and phenomenologically must be studied as it existed in the pastmethodThe Sacred and the ProfaneWe have to enter the world of archaic man to properly understand religionoPeople who live closely with nature and rely on folk traditionsArchaic people believe in 2 distinct realms of beingoSacred sphere of the supernatural the arena of the gods and ancestors place of order and perfectionoProfane sphere of human affairs changing and chaoticoMore like Rudolf Otto than DurkheimReligion is about promoting contact with the sacredoThe sacred is integral to the daily lives of archaic peopleoSacred archetypes model ideal lifeWe mirror the sacred but really want to be part of it but we recognize that we are notoNaturally feel a sense of absence and distance from where we should be
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