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Exam 1 NotesReligion as a SpecterISense that its real but you cant see it It is incredibly hard to determine what religion really is even though we seem to when talking about itII Falls back in equally ambiguous termsaThe Holy OttoiReligion is an emotional response to how we feel about the holy bThe SacredEliadeIIIReductionism leads to studying something elseaSociety DurkheimiCreating social cohesionbPsychology FreudEnlightenmentIAn intellectual movement that expressed reasonIIMove away from theology towards rationalityaReligionswissenschaft religionscienceIIIThe start of studying religion without believing in it or practicing itIVBelief in universal human naturereason aReligion became universalVProblem starting to include other things into categoryOne academic def of religionIBruce Lincoln said that religion is aArts de faire practice of everyday life iCan be observedbOriented towards the transcendent and eternal iNot if transcendent and eternal exists only if they are believedcSpoken of with a transcendent and eternal authorityIIStill not a perfect definitionaStill too broad ethical absolutismbDoesnt allow for religion as sui generis of its own kindIIIA strong academic category doesnt require privileged informationaAcademic approaches cant include nonhuman originsiDoesnt mean they do not existReligion as a ConceptIIf religion is not an independent study then we shouldnt try to define it as suchaReligion is solely the creation of the scholars studyIIUnderstand what we call religion insteadPluralism and Religion IReligious PluralismaDifference is the starting pointbResult of and necessary because of globalizationClash of CivilizationsISamuel Huntington series of lecturesIIModern conflicts will be religious and cultural aFundamental differences make cultures incompatibleIIIEck and Huntington both take religion for granted3 VoicesIWe need to be able to identify perspectivesa1 Academic ScholarlyiHelps us understand differencesiitruths facts based on empirical evidenceiiiSubject to changeb2 TheologicaliPluralism theological debateiiTruthsiiiOften based on truth and unchangingivReworking a tradition from withinc3 Civic iEsp important in America because of legal protectionsiiTruthsiiiCivic debates about what is validly American Academic Study of ReligionIPathetic FallacyaGiving human characteristics to objects feelings or ideasiEx referring to a boat as sheiiChristianity preachesbLeads toiGeneralizationsiiTheological conclusionsIIAcademic StatusaMove away from debates about TruthbAttempts to find common elements cStill had theological underpinningsiEvolutionary approachesTimelineIAncient TheoriesaComparative theories of originIIJudaism and ChristianityaShift to exclusive claims to TruthbNo need to understand other traditionsIIIProtestant ReformationaInfluenced Enlightenment thinkingbRejection of tradition focus on the individual iDiversity doubtingcTrade exploration etcIVEnlightenmentaReligion is rational and therefore universal bRise in Deism original religion changed over timeiVery influential idea focus on primitive religioniiraised natural religion criticized dogmaVModern TheoriesaInclude Enlightenment and romantic ideasiAssume underlying universality En but look to specific traditions too RombSought unifying scientific theoriesiEmpirical tested revisableiiPersonal beliefs unimportant
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