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Buddhism Terms (aced the test and got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
Religious Studies
REL 2027

Buddhism Terms BuddhaAwakened one the name give to Sakyamuni Gautama Siddhartha thSpiritual master of 5 century BCE in India Name is now applied to all humans believed to have experienced and rediscovered eternal truth DharmaFour Noble Truths1 Of suffering2 Of the source of suffering3 Of the cessation of suffering4 Of the path leading to the cessation of suffering Explains the nature of dukkha First thing taught by Buddha after he was enlightenedDukkhaSufferingIdentified as the first of the four noble truthsHas a broader meaning than suffering essentially refers to the dissatisfaction that pervades all aspects of lifeNirvanaEnlightenment or free from sufferingState gained by Buddha and by any being who is able to extinguish all attachments and defilementsThough gained through meditation it affects all aspects of lifeIndescribable but wonderfulOne who attained nirvana does not become reborn after deathAnatmanNo self no soulThe denial of the existence of an ultimate substantial soulThere is no underlying substance to humans we have no soulOne must recognize anatman along with two other characteristics to gain right understandingSunyataEmptinessAnattaEmerges from anatmanOften stated as one of the three marks of existence
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