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REL 2029
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Rel 2029 Christianity TestB695Worlds Largest ReligionMost scholars say that a Jesus character existedFirst and second centuryJesus MovementGospelshistorians cannot except as solid historical facts Historians do not except miracles Hagiographytrying to give you a constructed version of someones lifeOne small source by Josephus with mention of figure sounding like JesusWhat do we knowHebrew man region from died at 33 lived in palestine publicly executedThe Gospels good newshagiographic Matthew Mark and Luke synoptic gospels Q source and John theologicalphilosophical essaycosmicCanonizationMatthew 70100 CE 8085 CELuke 80100 CEJohn 90100 CE others say 110Mark 6873 others say 6570Gnostic Gospels1Valentinusgnostic theologian in Egypt and Rome d 153 CE2Marcionitesheresy of 2nd century rejected old testament and Jesus as GodAbout the Churchproblem to gospelsno church just home groupsno agreement or fluid doctrinehavent decided what Bible is church had to canonize itfound in Egypt poor peasant guylost 13 of gnosticsonce we get canonization have to go after heresiesHeresyconflict officialtrue doctrineafter momentum concession of what is trueonly about how certain people perceive their viewsevaluate different movementGnostic Gospelsburned to save documentspressure them for future generationsmany conflicting viewsCreeds and Trinity
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