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Religious Studies
REL 2029
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Muhammed and his culturePreIslamic ArabiaPolytheists Jews Christians monotheistsoNo afterlifeoFatalism Time is absolute inscrutableoIslam sees Allah as the same God of Judaism and Christianity and now he is reaching out through Mohammed oMonotheism idea God is an ethical law giverRaidingsince there is no afterlife get the most you can in this one Tradea lot of difference people traveling through Rise of wealth and inequalityTribalismoKinshiplawVirtue of loyalty is more important than objective impersonal lawpiratehonor oSelfreliance independence tenacity antiauthoritarian democracyLaw could be seen as direct attack on ones independenceThere is a certain glory in fierce independence oPoetryThe most popular art of this culture Why Because they were nomads they had to carry their art with them too hard to carry statues MeccaoCenter of trade and center of pilgrimage oQurayshThe authorities of MeccaMuhammed ends up having conflict with QurayshoSacred placeAlJahiliyaAge of Ignorancethe time of darkness before the teachings of Islam Virtues of strongweak might is right revenge no rulesIslamic redefinition of virtueProtect weak forgiveness restraintMuhammed 570632know all these dates Muhammed had been growing in dissatisfaction with polytheism oHis preaching of monotheism causes problems with Mecca economy polytheists dont feel welcome and economy is lost 610 Received revelation illiterate conflict with QurayshoIf he was illiterate the Quran must have been from God supernatural messageNight Journey miraj and AscensionoThey had to leave at night death threats going to a place where he is welcomed oTravels to JerusalemoFrom Jerusalem he travels to heavenoIn heaven he sees all the past prophets 622 HijrahoMigration to medina oIslamic calendar started with Hijrah in 622oCalendar started with Hijrah instead of the revelation because now a community had been established 630 Purged Kabah of idolsoPurges Kabah of idols and preaches one God632 DiedMuhammedReligious ReformMuslim means surrender only to GodReturn to true monotheismSurrender to God humilityRespects revelation preserved in Judaism and ChristianityoBut sees this revelation as flawedthe Jews and Christians misinterpreted what they receivedoEspecially ChristianityJesus is the son of God trinity to be worshipped
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