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Wednesday January 15 2014ReligionReconnecting us to the yokethe thing that holds two oxen together Re vs just connecting Like were supposed to be in a different state 10 Waves of Religion1Shamanism magic healers manipulating god2Connection to cosmos3Temple religion a home for God If you have a temple you need priests A priest being an intermediary between Man and God 4Prophetic religion prophets talk to God and then deliver His message Prophets are always asking us to change our ways The Deity now demands moral behavior vs just worship 5Energy God6Purity7Mystery Religions fascination with mountains guess they are mysterious because you cant see whats going on at the top8God on Earth emotional love is introduced a new idea 9Scriptural religionth10Fundamentalism20 century 19001700 bce Abraham1280 bce Mosesst950 bce586bce 1 Templend515 bce70 ce 2 Temple430 bce TorahVideoJews Christians and Muslims were all called atheists by their pagan counter partsEarly cultures looked to gods for comfort and orderBelief in multiple Gods PolytheisticBelief in one God MonotheisticThe sacred reality doesnt change but the way we express it hasBeginning of Polytheism each god had a domain war sun fertility deathPaganism was attractive because the gods were indeed so nearCatholics like to check in with their saints pray to them in hard timesPagan gods could be contacted directly and for a specific purposeThe first movements towards monotheism happened 4000 years ago Canaanites oChief god EloEls son BaalAbraham behaved like a pagan didnt bring his gods to the new location because they were no longer relevantAbrahams relationship with God was similar to the relationships of other pagansIn the ancient world just about every religion had sacrificeThe people would sacrifice animals to please their godsScholars see that during Abrahams time child sacrifice was common Cherished story about Abraham and his son IsaacAt the end of the wrestling match the being or god does not give its name Jacobs name is changed to Israel because he prevailed in wrestling against godGods form changed from personal and able to be manipulated pagan gods to less accessibleAfter 400 years of bondage God called on Moses to liberate Jacobs descendants from slavery When Moses asked God who he was he replied I am who I amYahwehYahweh almost means mind yourself not meThe holy is rejected and needed all throughout lifeThe plagues of Egypt After God kills the first borns of the city the Pharaoh gives in Never again will any human rule as absolute only GodGod is still only the God of the Jews not the Egyptians He is fighting the gods of Israels enemiesYes you can be with God But dont think youll ever see God clearly You shall have no other gods before me When waiting on Moses in the mountains the Israelites made a golden calf the image of an old pagan god Gods nature is changing Jealous Vengeful Then compassionate and gentle Change internal sacrifice vs external sacrifice Abrahams historical context was polytheism many gods and each gods have their own power Very personal Contact them directly Able to influence themThat approachability is missed by the people of pagan ways The god of monotheism is the chosen godTribal or national god This god becomes the god of all Increasing mystery There are all these intimate interactions between Abraham and godJacobs wrestle with god and then not knowing his nameWhen you go towards absolute mystery and transcendence people miss the approachable godGod of manytribal godapproachable godThe 10 Commandments are Gods gift of how to experience His presence on earth His own instructions on how to connect with HimParadox of a transcendent vs personal godIf Yahweh the god of the Jews can control weather what does that say about his power This is the first time you see god show himself outside nature and controls all of nature The pagan gods were part of nature and had superpowers God is not subject to the rules of nature instead he sets the ruleslaws of nature Breakdown of Jewish History19001000 bcePatriarchs prehistorical mythBiblical Judaismst950586 bce1 Temple586539 bceBabylonian Exilend515 bce70 ce2 TempleRabbinic Judaism
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