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Who is Jesus Vs Who has authority to say who Jesus isohttpyoutubejtlconnry5soReza Aslan interview re ZealotQ Discuss the relevant issues in this interviewTest review Orthodox Jews oJust an umbrella term for all Jews who rejected the reform movementsoNo special dress only a small group of Orthodox Jews have special dressoRituals are not more important than ethics its more of a commitment issue Once you commit to Orthodox Judaism its not a buffet where you nitpick Its all or nothing Video continuedThe Romans did a good job of documentingThere is historical evidence of crucifixionJesus was a political revolutionaryoCrucifixion was reserved for crimes against the Roman stateoThe thieves next to Jesus werent actually thieves they were insurrectionists InsurgentoA person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority especially in the hope of improving conditionsJesus is a very important figure in Islam as wellUsing historical information to hypothesize what happenedHistorical JesusChristian JesusoJesus understood as the Christ the Son the SaviorMuslim JesusoMajor prophet and also messiahoBut not the son of God Images of JesusScriptural sources of Christian religious How the images of Jesus have changed interpretation of Jesusthroughout timeGospelsEarly ChurchLenient Rabbi strict rabbi treating King on throne has a crown has him like a rabbi means hes an expert power because he conquered death on the law is he lenient on the law high status You dont see the or pushing the law hardercrucifixion mentioned much Crucifixion was still happening in Demigodearly Christianity They didnt want to Adopted son of God chosen by God associate crucifixion with the king raised by GodThe symbol of the Cross is changing Messiah some variety of a savior Dont want to associate Jesus with a Spiritual savior in Christian viewcriminal punishmentHealerConquered deathPaulMedieval ImagesLast Adam symmetry with AdamSuffering dying cross pieta pain suffering this sacrifice that he did for Cosmic Christ beginning and endus this empathyPriest a special kind of access to God and delivering that to peopleGospel of JohnRenaissanceGod much more of a sense that Jesus More human Jesus a real celebration is Godof the perfect human bodyWord this is the power of God at workLogos Jesus is Gods principle of creation ReformationMoral perfection and human beautythth1920 centuryHuman only betterJesus as friend he is more relatable Hotty Jesus in the Bible series on history channel Political rebelMarxist Emmanuel means God with usIn Jewish thoughtfollowing the law was how you stayed connected with God It brought you closer to God The Law for Jews is what Jesus is to Christianso A concrete means to connect with GodJesus of the GospelsGospel means good newsoPurpose to communicate this good news as much as possibleBirthBaptism Messiah public announcement identification with sinful humanityMinistryoTeachingsKingdom is at hand this urgency A new way that is coming right nowLove God and neighbor and enemiesDont just be fair be selfless High ethical standardsHes asking this of people to make them realize that they need God that they cant do it on their ownWe become aware of our sinfulness and then we turn to God for helpOriginal SinOnly a Christian doctrineIf we didnt need Gods grace if we were able to live up to those ethical standards Jesus wouldnt be necessary Life of spiritphysical comfort wealthGods forgiveness love for those aware of sinfulnessGod forgives those who are aware of their sinfulness oPracticesFellowship with socially rejected impure womenThe Kingdom of God is this thing that will reverse the status quoJesus demonstrates what this reversal would look likeThis is revolutionary Hes rebelling against our expectations and social rulesCultures around the world have been obsessed with keeping people separate gender race cast financial standing familySo in doing this Jesus criticizes these social normsAddressed God as Father Abba
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