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REL 2029

Breakdown of Jewish History 19001000 bcePatriarchs prehistorical myth Biblical Judaism950586 bce 1st Temple 586539 bce Babylonian Exile 515 bce 70 ce 2nd TempleRabbinic Judaism 70600 ce Rabbinic Period 7001500 Medieval Period 1700Present Modern Period19001700 bce Abraham 1280 bce Moses 950586 bce 1st Temple 515 bce70 ce 2nd Temple 430bce Torah compiledPolytheism Tangible Manipulative Patriarchs Intimacy Mystery MonotheismHistory of Monotheism Monotheism appeared 4000 years agoIt occurred in Canaan in the Western Middle East Chief good Elle of the Canaanites Abraham Isaac and Jacob lived in Canaan surrounded by pagan gods Abraham was considered the first monotheist Sacrifice stressed the interrelationship between God and human beings 3600 years ago famine hit Canaan and Jacob went to search for food Canaanites were forced into slavery by the Egyptians God called upon Moses to take Jacob and the Israelites out of EgyptBiblical themes History Gods relationship with humanity Covenant series of covenants oAn agreement between God and the people oBoth parties have a responsibility and rights oSense of a divine human partnership oRewards promised in return for faithful adherence to the covenant reflect the values and perspectives of Hebrew society at the time when these narrative were written oSeriesNoah Symbolized in a rainbow Universal with the rest of the world that God wont destroy earth again Abraham Promised descendants and land Abraham the ancestor of all the people of Israel Yahweh the God who promises to oversee the destiny of his descendantsGod wants all the males circumcised as a sign of that promise Asked for exclusive worship Moses Have to live according to the commandments they become the people of Israel Israel means to struggle and wrestling with God Jacob wrestled with God Element of questioning and debating his existenceThe Torah was given to Moses as the law of the land Struggle Israel Faithfulness in personal relationshipoObediencefaithIsrael oRedemption Exile Diaspora Ethical monotheism oPersonal god creator lord lawgiver liberator oImmanence and transcendence oIntervention revelation oEthicsbest way to live Torah gods gift for human flourishing Commandments mitzvah 613 mitzvotBabylonian Exile Loss of the 1st Temple oBecame a home for God and the primary place of worship oThe destruction of it was an end to a safe haven for the Jews oAdded to the loss of political freedom and a ritual place of worshipoCrisis of faith he had been worshipped in a single place for so long Criticized a lack of morality and worship Disobedience of the covenant we made with God This is a punishment to them because God is angry with them Interpretation of God oYahweh is absolute God able to use all other nations to punish Israel for idolatry and corruption oIdea of Shekinah Gods immanent presence among the faithful amidst suffering oBook of Job Ideas of messiah apocalypticism cosmic evilMessiah deemed as a political savior
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