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REL 2120

LECTURE 5 continued1Forced BaptismaIn 418 the first known instance of forced baptism occurred in thMinorea Late in the 6 century the Pope ruled that baptism should not be imposed by force and that Christian baptism was not valid unless it was accepted willinglybThe response of priests throughout Europe to this ruling was a great debate about the correct interpretation about the term willingly If a Jew chose baptism under the threat of death but with no force actually being applied was this willing cOn May 14 576 the Bishop of ClermontFerrand made a speech to the Jews of his town after a mob had destroyed the local synagogue He basically said if they were ready to convert to come with him and if not then they must depart About 500 Jews chose to convert but the Jews that didnt convert left for MarseillesdChildren were a special problem at what age does a child deem competent to make a willing decision to converteIn 875 Bishop Agobard assembled the Jewish children of Lyons and baptized all who appeared to him to be agreeable2Constitution for the Jews Constitutio pro Judaeisththa12 15 centuriesbViolence could not be used to force a Jew to convertcApostasy was considered a crime not just a sindPope Innocent III1201 any Jew submitted to baptism even though no force had actually been applied automatically expressed a conditional willingnesseCannot renounce baptism after the fact no matter what threat was usedfAs late as 1747 Pope Benedict XIV ruled that once a child has been baptized illegally that child is still continued a Christian This meant that the child had to be taken away from his own parents to be raised in a Christian homegHouse of Catechumens Rome 1543 Any person who was perceived to have a slight inclination towards Christianity should
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