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LECTURE 8ANTISEMITISM AND THE PROTESTANT REFORMATIONthThe protestant reformation of the 16 century brought a surge of hope to the Jews of Christian Europe Martin LutherThe founder of the reformation was Martin Luther He was an Augustinian monk a highly educated scholar a brilliant linguist who had grown dissatisfied with what he seemed to believe errors in the churchOne source of his dissatisfaction involved the original Church view of sacred scriptureLuther disagreed with interpretations offered by the ChurchIn particular their approach to interpretation that stressed philosophical methods adopted from philosophyHe believed that the church was wrong to include Hellenistic writings in the sacred CanonHe thought only the Hebrew bible itself should be interpretedNoting that Jews were highly literate Luther believed that he could understand why they refused to enter the church they saw the same inconsistency of errors that he was pointing outAs a result Luther believed initlaly that Jews would welcome the opportunity to enter Christianity the way he defined it He stressed the Hebrew background of the Old Testament and that it should be interpreted as the coming of the Hebrew MessiahOn the Jews and Their Lies 1543oIt is harder to convert them than Satan himselfoThis was his last book he wrote before he diedoLuther never respected Judaism as a pathway to God with its own independent integrity but was convinced that Christianity was the only way to God
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