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Religious Studies
REL 2120
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LECTURE 1HOLOCAUSTThe Holocaust Word often used for the Nazis attempt to kill all Jews Many people see this word as problematic including our instructorolah Hebrew word translated in English to mean a whole burnt offering This is truly an offering to God that is burned and is pleasing to God There is absolutely nothing redemptive about the Nazi campaign Nothing religious significant and our instructor does not believe that there was anything pleasing to God about the murder of 6 million peopleMany Jewish scholars now prefer the word Shoah This word is old and appears in the Bible and means a catastrophe or total devastation It has no positive connotation at all This is the word that will be used most often in classANTISEMITISMAntiSemitism is a term coined by a man named Wilhelm Marr in 1879 The Triumph of Judaism over Germans from a Scientific Point of View is a literary piece written by Marr Marr defined Jews as a race of people rather than people who simply follow a religion other than Christianity In his writings the word Jew was replaced by Semite He continued to insist that Jews were an inferior race of people who were marked by characteristics likeA desire to be mercenaryEgotisticCowardlyMorally degenerate
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