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Religious Studies
REL 2120
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ENLIGHTENMENT continuedEdouard Drumont 1886His book became the paramount idea that the Jews dominated an entire nation or even the entire worldThis is the idea that the Nazis would revive with catastrophic resultsThe Dreyfus Affair 18591935Alfred Dreyfus was a high ranking French army office and a secular Jew whose family did not practice the religion He was accused of betraying military secrets to the Germans He was sentenced to life in prisonFerdinand Walsin Esterhazy ended up being the true culpritIn the paper LAurore Emile Zola accused the French government of antisemitismLa Libre Parole was published about antisemitism by DrumontIt ended up that the document provided wasnt even in Dreyfuss handrwritingHubertJoseph Henry forged French documents to cover up and when they were discovered he committed suicideDreyfus was finally found innocent in 1906Covering the story was Theodore Herzl an Austrian Jewish journalist 18601904oHe considered himself an Austrian as a secular Jew and what he observed covering the Dreyfus trial shocked himoNow along the streets the chant Death to the Jews could be heardThe only solution to antiSemitism would be the formation of a Jewish stateAt this time the Church was headed by Pope Pious X When Theodor Herzel visited the Vatican in 1904 the Pope told him the following The Jews have not recognized our lord therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people
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