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LECTURE 12NAZI IDEOLOGYDer Fuhrer Adolph HitlerAustrian not GermanFailed at art schoolHitler was outraged by the Versailles Treaty in 1918oIt required the nation to pay heavy war debtsHitler joined the Nazi party in the early 1920soHe found a home amongst others who despised Germanys political standing after the waroThe Nazi party blamed Marxists and Jews for the loss of WWIIn 1923 Hitler and the Nazi party attempted to seize control of the government with the Beer Hall PutschoIt failed and he was sentenced into 5 years of prison for treason oThere he wrote his political autobiography Mein KampfoIn his book he explained how he had become an active antiSemite when he had become aware of Social Darwinism which sought to apply the theory of Natural Selection to human societyoHe also incorporated in his writing elements of Malthusian economics by Thomas Malthus He suggested in his theory that the Earth had finite ability to produce food and therefore the finite ability to produce food would always limit the population growth and in addition the cycle of disease and natural disaster would keep the population of the Earth from growing to its fullest extentoHe combined the ideas of Darwinism with the nationalism ideas of blood and soil which idolizes the landRacial struggle the central human question according to HitlerHitler was convinced that he had found the key in surviving this world and having his share of food All things were determined by raceIn Hitlers view
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